What is the Glass House Gospel? 

As you may have noticed, my blog, which was once known as “ChristinaXArteaga” is now called The Glass House Gospel. You may also have noticed references to “living in a glass house”. While I could explain the origin of the name and all that it entails, I will simply say this:

The recurring theme in this blog is transparency.

Personally, I believe it’s an area a lot of Christians could work on. We’ll say we struggle with a few smaller disciplines (“I need to pray more”, “I need more devotional time”, etc), but we never want to admit we struggle with the “big sins”. This lack of vulnerability, in an age where (seemingly) perfect lives are a click away on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, is not only conforming the church to the image of the world, a world that pretends to be as perfect as possible, but the lies are tearing the body of Christ at the seams. I mean, do I really need to bring up all the pastors who’ve been disqualified from ministry in the past couple of years? I truly believe a lot of those things could have been prevented had they come forward before chaos ensued and said “I’m struggling in this area of my life”. I’m not removing personal responsibility by saying this (their sin is their sin), but what I am saying is this; if people don’t feel like they can be vulnerable with one another without judgment, they’ll end up lying to stay in good standing.

And that is NOT acceptable behavior from the people of God.

Let’s make some things clear:

  1.  We have no secrets. We may keep secrets and lie to those around us, but God knows everything. As the Word says, “be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23)
  2. Our lives are on display ALWAYS. Especially in the age of “viral videos”, everything you do (for the most part) is seen by others. Whether it’s a “secret” affair you had or you cursing at a waitress, there are other people around you who see your behavior. If you proudly proclaim you know Christ, whatever you do will be attributed to Him. You’re an ambassador for Christ 24/7: There is no off switch. (And in most cases, once you’ve ruined your testimony with someone, you’re never getting that back).
  3. We shouldn’t throw stones. The fact that God knows all your secrets should be enough to persuade you to put the stone down when you start wanting to condemn other people, but sometimes we’re hard-headed. Remember that old phrase “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones“? The same principle applies. We’ve been saved by grace through faith. You have no reason to boast.

Let me make something else clear: I’m not perfect. I will never claim to be. This blog isn’t about me pointing fingers at pastors and churches and saying “you guys are horrible”. I am a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread.

This blog is about authentic gospel-centered living (instead of just sugar-coating everything). It’s about starting conversations about real-life struggles and trials (instead of pretending those struggles don’t exist). It’s about creating dialogue in small groups about having “iron sharpens iron” accountability (instead of calling asking how someone’s weekend went “accountability”). It’s about showing the world a real Jesus who saves real people from real sin (instead of an angry Jesus who condemns everyone or a lying Jesus who doesn’t care about sin at all). It’s about showing the grit along with the glory.

It’s about the Glass House Gospel.

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