Book Review: Divine Direction by Craig Groeschel


Let me just first say that I love reading anything by Craig Groeschel. When I was saved back in 2010, the first book I read was The Christian Atheist (ad). Because I loved it so much, I have always had a soft spot for his books.

But anyway, on to the review.

Groeschel advertises his book Divine Direction (ad) with the tagline “7 decisions that will change your life“. If you’ve never heard of him or read one of his books, don’t worry. This isn’t a Joel Osteen “your best life now” kind of book (I would never read that). On the contrary, he offers 7 choices that have eternal impact on not just your life, but the lives of those around you. If you find yourself stuck in your faith, this book is for you.

Groeschel’s writing style is easy to read, filled with personal anecdotes that make the concepts relatable to the reader. One of my favorite stories he mentions in this book is his testimony. While I won’t ruin it for you, it goes to show that “small choices” really do make a “big impact” on eternity.

While he isn’t the type of writer to break down deep theological concepts, Groeschel makes sure his book is Gospel centered. He fills it with just enough humor to keep you interested, but never strays away from the most important purpose to the book: bringing you closer to Jesus. This is the type of book that I can recommend to a wide array of Christians, from a baby Christian new to the faith (like I was when I read The Christian Atheist) to those who have been walking with Jesus for a while.

All in all, I loved reading his book and was able to finish it within a week or so, so if you’re pressed for time (like I am as a busy mom of two little ones), that is another plus.

I give it a good 5/5

(Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, my reviews are of books that I have purchased myself. I am not being paid for this review.)


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