Book Review: “The Forgotten Jesus” by Robby Gallaty

Title: The Forgotten Jesus
Genre: Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth
Author: Robby Gallaty
Glass House Gospel Rating: 5/5

OVERVIEW: I said it on my review on Amazon and I will say it again; EVERY CHRISTIAN NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK. Maybe other Christians who are most passionate about the Old Testament may know some of what is in Gallaty’s “The Forgotten Jesus”, but I, not being well-versed in the OT, learned a lot from reading this book. It gave me fresh eyes to read some of the more well-known Gospel stories with. I now understand the deep meaning behind some of the things Jesus said, as well as the meaning behind events like the woman who grabbed Jesus’s “hem” (which may not have been a “hem” as we know it). Through reading this book, you’ll not only learn about different kinds of Jewish literary techniques (and how those apply to the Bible), but you will be able to see Jesus as a Jewish person would have seen Jesus (which doesn’t come naturally to the American Christian due to major differences in culture and philosophical interpretation). This is the kind of book you want to study, highlighter and notepad in hand!



THEOLOGY: The theology in this book is rich. I mean, the reason you want to read this book is because of its theology. It takes the New Testament (and the Jesus we, as Western Christians, often paint a picture of in our minds) and puts them through an Old Testament lens, a lens in which many Jewish followers of Jesus naturally looked through. For instance, did you know that Jesus was wrapped in “swaddling clothes” when He was born? Swaddling clothes refers to “burial clothes” that were most likely placed in the cave (not little wooden manger, CAVE) that Jesus was born. So, in effect, baby Jesus was wrapped in the same kind of burial cloth that crucified Jesus was wrapped in later in his life. Can you see how knowing something like would just draw you to instant praise? The image of baby Jesus wrapped in clothes meant for a dead man brought me to tears. In addition to that, I learned a lot more about similar details that can be overlooked if not closely examined through a “Jewish lens”.

READABILITY: While it was a pretty easy read, I will say that this is a book you want to take your time with. Gallaty outlines a lot of Hebraic terms throughout the book, which increases your knowledge, but it isn’t something you want to skim over. I highly recommend reading this book with a highlighter in hand. There are books that you can quickly read in a day because they are simple and pretty straight-forward; this is not that kind of book. This is the kind of book you want to highlight, underline, etc. Take your time to really soak in what you are learning.

PRICE: On Amazon, it is currently a little over $10, but prices change frequently, so please keep that in mind. (Note: Affiliate link).

QUOTE: “Often, when circumstances don’t align with the agenda we think God should have for our lives, we doubt Jesus and his identity. But Jesus’s message to John [the Baptist] is a reminder to us that Jesus is who he said he was. He is the Messiah, the coming one, but that doesn’t mean his mission is always our immediate deliverance from pain and suffering.” (Page 73)



(Disclaimer: I received this book for free. A review was not required of me in any way, nor am I being compensated for this review itself. The amazon link above is an affliate link)


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