You may think it’s odd that a blog writer would tell you “Hey, go see these other websites instead of mine”, but I’m a Christian before I am a blog writer, so I think it would be wrong of me to withhold valuable resources from you that would help you grow in your faith.

These three websites have really encouraged me and helped me in my walk with Christ, so I am sharing them with you as well.

  1. Desiring God: What can I say about Desiring God? It’s a collection of John Piper’s articles, sermons, videos, etc, but there are also incredible contributing writers. This is a website I find myself visiting at least once every other day (if not everyday). It is an incredible resource for anyone looking to really grow in their faith and, at times, be challenged. There is a field to search for different topics and, more times than not, there is an article for every topic possible. There are even videos under the “Ask Pastor John” series with commonly asked questions and John Piper’s responses. It is a good theological resource I would recommend to anyone and everyone!
  2. Blue Letter Bible: I don’t remember who first introduced me to this website, but I absolutely love it. What makes Blue Letter Bible special is its Greek and Hebrew Lexicon. Search any Bible verse, click Interlinear, and you’ll find each and every verse broken down in its original text. Let’s say you search Genesis 1:1 and you want to know more about what “In The Beginning” meant. You’d find that it’s translated into the Hebrew “re’shiyth”. Click on the word and it will not just give you valuable resources, but also show you where else that very same word is used in the Bible.
  3. Got Questions: The resource I have been using for the longest has been Got Questions. I even think I was using it before I was saved, but I’m not entirely sure about that. Regardless, this website has a Biblical answer for just about any question you can possibly think of. Whenever I need a quick answer for a question of mine, I use this website. The answers are in-depth with Bible verses to back up every single answer. I like to do a bit more research after finding any answer, but for a quick question, it’s an incredible resources.

Those are my top three. What are your top three resources? Let me know in the comments!

Grace & Peace!

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