Everyone does this.

“New year, new me” is the refrain heard around the world every New Year’s Eve. For some reason, we think that because it’s a new year, we are suddenly empowered to make big changes in our lives that can’t be done on December 31st or January 2nd.

While there is no magic power to January 1st, I will admit, I would like 2019 to go just a bit differently.

For those wondering why I haven’t been blogging, my husband’s MacBook has been out of commission for quite some time now (right around the time of my last blog). I’ve been waiting to either get it fixed or get a new one (whichever is the better value), but honestly, I’ve been using it as an excuse not to write.

I love writing (don’t misunderstand me). But I wasn’t happy with the direction my blog was going. I love reading books, and I genuinely want to introduce books I enjoyed to my readers, but my most popular posts (book reviews) we’re becoming a burden. I didn’t want to turn this into a “book review blog”. That was never the point of The Glass House Gospel, but because they were the most popular posts, I thought “perhaps these posts will bring people in and create new fans”.

Maybe they did, but as with any other art form, any art done under obligation no longer becomes enjoyable.

With that said, you’ll soon be seeing some changes on the blog. I’ve already deleted all the book reviews. I won’t be writing anymore. I apologize if I did agree to doing one for you, but aside from not enjoying writing them, being a mother and a wife makes trying to meet a deadline really difficult. I should have never agreed to them and, effective today, I won’t be accepting any more requests for book reviews. I truly appreciate you considering me for that, and I apologize for not getting the blogs out in time. Thank you for understanding.

I’m going back to basics, the thing I created The Glass House Gospel to be: a website about living an authentic gospel-centered life. I’m going back to tackling modern day issues through a Gospel lens. I’m going back to writing about what God teaches me throughout my daily life.

For starters, I’m writing from my phone. It’s not my favorite way to write, but something is better than nothing. My husband uses his laptop for music related stuff anyway, so until I can get my own laptop, I’ll probably stick with my phone. That also means graphics will be made on my phone. Isn’t technology wonderful?

And slowly, I hope to get to a regular posting schedule. Again, as a wife and a mom, planning anything is difficult (as it is, my daughter has asked me for grapes three times while writing this), but that’s the goal.

So, here’s to new beginnings…sort of.

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