I miss my church in Phoenix. A lot.

It’s called New City and it’s located in Central Phoenix, which is about an hour or more from where we live now.

The pastor’s name is Brian Krukenberg. He doesn’t preach on a screen; he’s live at the only “campus” in Phoenix. There’s no fancy expensive backdrops behind him. He preaches the word and he does so on mission and with conviction.

The people are incredible. Everyone is doctrinally sound, loves Jesus, and loves people. It is a welcoming church that is on fire for Jesus.

But it is not a perfect church…because there is no such thing.

Lately, I’ve really been missing so much about my “old” church, but it’s too far to attend regularly. I can’t be in a community with believers that live an hour away. It’s just not how “church” is supposed to work.

I was this close to leaving the church I currently attend because I missed it so much. The pastor at this church preaches at the “main” campus in Gilbert (we watch a pre-recorded video on a screen every Sunday here in Casa Grande). This church is non-denominational. We don’t throw words like “election” and “reformed” around. They use money on things I wish they didn’t, and don’t use resources on things I wish they did.

And when a leader at the church said “God doesn’t violate our will, so I won’t either”, I swear, I almost lost it right there and then (but that has more to do with my fervor for sound doctrine, which I acknowledge can bend towards “Cage Stage Calvinism”, so I stayed quiet, but I digress).

They are not a perfect church…because there is no such thing.

Today, I said to myself “I will give this place one last try”, and my, did the Holy Spirit move in my heart.

See, I failed for a moment to remember that church is not a building; it is a people. We are all flawed. We are all sinful. We all have our own interpretations of things.

There is disagreement even among my fellow reformed brothers and sisters.

I’m a Charismatic Reformed Baptist. I mean, let’s be honest…there is no home for me. The only home I have is at The Village Church with Matt Chandler and I’m not moving to Dallas for one pastor, but that is neither here nor there.

New City was close. I felt at home. But it was never perfect. And with time, I’m sure I would have become well acquainted with their flaws.

But today, God gave me the confirmation I needed about this church.

THIS is where He wants me.

No, it’s not New City Church. It’s not supposed to be.

God has me in Casa Grande. God has me here to impact THIS community for His glory. He wants me to love THESE people, help THESE people, be a light in THESE lives.

And God wants me at THIS church. And it’s not because I’m anything special. I’m not Spurgeon. I’m not Paul. I’m not going to lead a reformed revival. I wouldn’t want to anyway.

I’m not a perfect person.

It’s not a perfect church…because there is no such thing.

But there is a perfect God and I trust in Him and His purpose for my life.

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