One thing COVID-19 seems to be accomplishing is revealing to people just how fragile their lives are. From their jobs to their homes, their food sources to their health, everything has suddenly become unstable.

And that’s the kind of mess God loves to work in.

See, life’s always been fragile; we’re just typically blind to it. We choose to believe we are always in control, ignoring the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent God who reigns over everything.

The truth is even your very next breath depends on the grace of God.

Our planet is fragile. We need a certain amount of oxygen (too much is toxic). We need a certain amount of sunlight (too much will burn you, too little will freeze you). Entire ecosystems depend on organisms you can’t even see for life. Everything around use hinges on something else to survive.

But we are so bold as to claim we are the “god” of our lives. WE make our choices. WE control our environments. It is up to us and us alone.

Oh, how foolish we are.

Our lives are fragile as well. Some of us depend on our job titles for meaning, but they’re one bad decision away from throwing all of that away. Some of us depend on our spouses or children for value, but any of us can receive “that” phone call at any moment.

Are you proud of your luxurious home? All it takes is one natural disaster (you can choose which one you’d prefer though, depending on where you choose to buy a home).

Are you proud of your intelligence? Because one bad accident will leave you with irreversible brain damage. You’ll never quite be the same.

Whatever is it that you cling to as your “pride and joy”, it can be taken away within seconds.

Truth is, you may not even wake up tomorrow.

When we get angry at God, we are ants yelling at the moon. He created the universe. It STILL expands at His command. His Words are POWERFUL.


See, we need to be reminded of our fragility. We are too quick to attempt to rip Him from the throne and replace him with the idol of our choice. That, we can choose. But those idols can’t hold the weight of our needs. They crumble quickly, unable to satisfy us.

It’s at that point that we either turn to God or go on a search for the next golden calf to place on the throne.

Have you been reminded of your fragility lately?

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrews 4:16

He can hold the weight of your questions and concerns.
He can bear the burden of your insecurities.
He can give you peace and wisdom.
He can comfort and soothe even the deepest of wounds.

We are fragile, but He is FAITHFUL.

And He meets us where we are, with arms wide open. Always. 

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