American Christianity is tiresome. 

American Christianity will tell you that if you don’t vote for a certain person, watch certain news stations, read certain websites, etc, you couldn’t possibly know Jesus.

Depending on what “side” you may find yourself on, you were offended reading what I just wrote.

The truth is, neither party worships Jesus. They may have stances we agree with, but they worship themselves and their vision of an ideal world.

I worship Jesus Christ.

Sometimes that will have me supporting Democratic viewpoints.

Sometimes that will have me supporting Republican viewpoints.

I don’t worship an elephant. I don’t worship a donkey.

I worship the Lion & the Lamb. 

Oh, how QUICK we are to place idols on His throne! Oh, how WRETCHED we are! We wave banners in His name that He would never wave!

WE are the ones to which Jesus should have said “woe to you, Pharisees”. Instead of loving Him and loving others, we hide behind our idols, screaming from behind laptops about how we’re right and “they’re” wrong. What kind of love is that?

What kind of Gospel is that? 

If you know me well enough, you may be calling ME the hypocrite.

But Christina, YOU worshiped the Republican party“, you’d said if you met me before I was Christian.

But Christina, YOU worshiped the Democratic party“, you’d say if you knew me some years ago.

I’ve spent time worshiping both the elephant and the donkey. And you know what I’ve come to find?

They can’t satisfy you.

Only CHRIST can.

Trump is not the messiah. Neither is Biden.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY Savior.

Yes, we’re supposed to fight injustice, on every front. Whether we are marching for the unborn or marching because our country unfairly targets black and brown people, both are wrong in God’s eyes. Silence is siding with the oppressors. 


No, no, Christina. Hear me out. Here is why you’re wrong. Here are statistics. Here are why people shouldn’t feel like that…

No, no, Christina. Here is one person that agrees with my views. Here, watch this video“.

No, no, Christina. Just preach the Gospel.

But I find it funny, when its an issue we care about, suddenly people are silent. There are no statistics to silence them. Suddenly, one lone voice in a video won’t change their minds. “Just preaching the Gospel” isn’t enough because, they understand, for the issue THEY care about, that faith without works is dead.

American Christianity is toxic. 

It is choking the saints, on both sides, and stealing our voices, voices that should be shouting from the mountain tops of God’s mercy & grace.

We’re so busy fighting each other and telling each other to “just preach the Gospel” that we’re NOT PREACHING THE GOSPEL AT ALL.

Yesterday, my pastor spoke about spiritual health and he said something so timely.

One of the things that has concerned me over the last few months is how strong some of our political perspectives are. Whether you’re on ‘the right’. Whether you’re on ‘the left’…Anything I say, even through the Bible, we are running it through those political perspectives. What shapes your perspective? I’m afraid, if we’re not careful, we’re going to get to a point where we can’t hear the Word of God anymore in a pure sense. We’re too shaped by our political paradigm that we make it mean something it doesn’t mean.

I refuse to worship an elephant.

I refuse to worship a donkey.

I will worship the Lion and the Lamb.

I’m okay with having both sides hate me,

There is no America in Heaven. Jesus is King. 

And I’m okay with that.

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