We Need To Cancel “Cancel Culture”

Can I be honest? I was guilty of enjoying cancel culture. For those who don't know, "cancel culture" is the phenomenon that occurs when people, especially celebrities and those with popularity, act inappropriately (like being openly racist) and being exposed (which tends to lead to them being fired from their jobs, outcasted by society, etc). … Continue reading We Need To Cancel “Cancel Culture”

The Elephant, The Donkey, The Lion & The Lamb

American Christianity is tiresome.  American Christianity will tell you that if you don't vote for a certain person, watch certain news stations, read certain websites, etc, you couldn't possibly know Jesus. Depending on what "side" you may find yourself on, you were offended reading what I just wrote. The truth is, neither party worships Jesus. … Continue reading The Elephant, The Donkey, The Lion & The Lamb


One thing COVID-19 seems to be accomplishing is revealing to people just how fragile their lives are. From their jobs to their homes, their food sources to their health, everything has suddenly become unstable. And that’s the kind of mess God loves to work in. See, life’s always been fragile; we’re just typically blind to … Continue reading Fragile.