When Oceans Rise

Have you ever felt the weight of the ocean crashing down on you? Maybe you've lost someone you love. Maybe it was that unexpected phone call or text message. It could have taken place at a doctor's office, a hospital bedside, or a mangled car. You could have heard the crashing waves when your partner … Continue reading When Oceans Rise

A Different Path

If you would have asked me back in 2010 (the year I came to know Christ) what I thought my life would look like in 2016, I would have had a very specific answer prepared for you. I would have told you that I would most likely be married to a pastor, would have either … Continue reading A Different Path

My True Husband Is Jesus

One of the things I love most about Christ are His sweet reminders of His love. Recently, on a night that was quite rough, that had me feeling down, depressed, and praying for any kind of direction or answers, He lead me to a text I hadn’t read in a while. At first, I didn’t quite … Continue reading My True Husband Is Jesus