All Things Work Together

This isn't the first time God showed me that He kept me from something for a reason. A couple of years back, I realized something I thought to be perfect wasn't so perfect after all. It was almost as if I could hear Him saying, "See? That's why I didn't let you go down that... Continue Reading →


The Road Is Narrow

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across an article about Michael and Lisa Gungor. Honestly, I probably would have scrolled passed it had one word not been in the preview; Atheist. Surely, "atheist" and "Christian artist" typically don't go together, so I clicked the link and decided to see why... Continue Reading →

The Comparison Trap

I really struggle with comparison.  I don't know if it's in my DNA or if it's a result of the way I was raised, but one thing I know for sure is that I have always, and still do, struggle with comparison. And only recently have I truly realized just how ugly that can get.... Continue Reading →

The Gates of Glory

Sin is a cancer and we are all sick. The other day, my husband and I finally got around to watching Annihilation. For those who haven't seen the film, it's centered around this mysterious life-force called the Shimmer that appeared out of nowhere and is spreading. Fearful of what could happen when it overtakes towns... Continue Reading →

All My Hope Is In Jesus

Today, I don't have a fancy post. I don't have a verse I want to focus on or a direction for a blog post. Really, today, I just want to remind you, my brother or sister in the faith, of one truth that God has been reminding me of lately: God is good.  Our God... Continue Reading →

Fear Is A Liar

"Fear, he is a liar. He will take your breath. Stop you in your steps. Fear, he is a liar. He will rob your rest. Steal your happiness. Cast your fear in the fire, 'Cause fear, he is a liar."  Have you ever felt afraid? Maybe you were afraid for you life. Maybe you felt... Continue Reading →

I Should’ve Been A Lawyer

Anyone who knows me well knows that my life long dream was to be a lawyer. In 5th grade, I told my classroom's DARE officer about this dream and, in response, he gave me an outdated version of his rule book (which I actually read a few times). In middle school, I joined drama to... Continue Reading →

Run Devil Run

Lately, it's been hard to sit down and write (for many reasons). My last real post (that wasn't a book review) was in November 2017. I've been hit with wave after wave of discouragement, disappointment, and despair. I kept dwelling on things that happened yesterday, choosing to stay in those feelings instead of face the... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: “Start” by Jon Acuff

Title: Start Genre: Business/Motivational Author: Jon Acuff Glass House Gospel Rating: 5/5   OVERVIEW: I loved reading this book. As someone who has 100 passions, but has a bad habit of not committing to any of them for too long, I felt like this book was written for me. In it, Jon Acuff lists an easy and practical... Continue Reading →

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