BOOK REVIEW: “Sacred Sex” by Tony Evans

Title: Sacred Sex Genre: Christian Living/Relationships/Sexuality Author: Tony Evans Glass House Gospel Rating: 4/5 OVERVIEW: This book is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the day and age in which we find ourselves. Tony Evans finds a short and simple, yet powerful and knowledgeable, way to explain what "Sacred Sex" means. While I do think this book... Continue Reading →



I've always been attracted to the concept of justice. Before I was saved, I wasn't exactly sure what that meant for my life. I simply knew things weren't fair in this world and justice was lacking. I thought becoming a lawyer would help me become a part of the solution. It had been my dream... Continue Reading →


I've always loved flying in planes  For me, the best part is getting to see landing and takeoff from the window seat. These last two plane rides were no different; well, except for one thing. I could tell very clearly that I was entering a new phase in life.  While I was sad to see... Continue Reading →

Lysa TerKeurst & Divorce

Divorce is never easy.  Though I haven't been through one, I am the child of divorced parents. Being that my parents divorced when I was a teenager, I have this odd upbringing of knowing what a "normal" family is supposed to look like, then suddenly having that taken away from me. I am no stranger... Continue Reading →

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