Addiction to Pride

I remember the day when I realized I had a problem. My friend and I were laughing at a fellow brother in Christ, talking about all of the ways he was so "twisted" and "wrong" in his theology. In the middle of our laughter, a friend of ours (who was a pastor) turned around and … Continue reading Addiction to Pride

My Testimony: 10 Years Later

10 years. Wow. I meant to write this closer to April 25th, but with everything going on (Coronavirus, kids at home, etc), I haven't quite gotten around to it until now. But after 10 years of following God, with some stumbles and struggles along the way, I finally find myself on top of a metaphorical … Continue reading My Testimony: 10 Years Later


One thing COVID-19 seems to be accomplishing is revealing to people just how fragile their lives are. From their jobs to their homes, their food sources to their health, everything has suddenly become unstable. And that’s the kind of mess God loves to work in. See, life’s always been fragile; we’re just typically blind to … Continue reading Fragile.