The True Meaning of Fellowship.

Do you ever have moments when you find yourself reminiscing? This past week, I decided to go on a search for my husband's baptism picture. I didn't know him when he was baptized, but I had seen the photo many times on Facebook and wanted to save it for my kids to see in the … Continue reading The True Meaning of Fellowship.


We all know "that" person. On social media, their life is perfect. They never have a bad day. Every single moment they breathe on Earth is a blessing and they will make sure you know that. And yet, even with all their perfect pictures, we all know that couldn't possibly be true. Nobody lives their … Continue reading Human.

The Elephant, The Donkey, The Lion & The Lamb

American Christianity is tiresome.  American Christianity will tell you that if you don't vote for a certain person, watch certain news stations, read certain websites, etc, you couldn't possibly know Jesus. Depending on what "side" you may find yourself on, you were offended reading what I just wrote. The truth is, neither party worships Jesus. … Continue reading The Elephant, The Donkey, The Lion & The Lamb