Why You Should Sponsor A Child

By the time your done reading this blog, at least 150 children around the world will have died due to poverty.

(According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day because they lack the means to afford proper care).

Their deaths are preventable.

Organizations like the one I work for (Expect Hope) make it their mission to rescue children from poverty and provide them with food, clothing, shelter, access to healthcare, and most importantly, love.

But WHY does your sponsorship matter?

Well, for one, not every country is the United States. Many countries do not have the means to help orphaned children, so many of them end up on the streets, naked and begging for food.

Many of those same children are targeted by terrorist groups like ISIS or Abu Sayyaf who promise them the same things Expect Hope does, but asks them to pay a hefty price; psychological abuse and, at times, sacrificing themselves for the terrorist groups cause.

There is no Child Protective Services to call in many third world countries. There is no Medicaid, no Free or Reduced Lunch, and sometimes, there isn’t even an option for free “public school”.

There are children right at this moment, walking along the streets naked and barefoot, with tummies rumbling, lacking ONE thing above all else; HOPE.

You could bring HOPE to a child today. You can change a life forever.

Some may say “well, $35 a month is a big ask”, but is it really?

My HULU subscription costs more than that.

Taking my family of four to Chipotle just once a month costs more than that.

Buying three new shirts at Ross costs more than that.

The truth is $35 equals to about $1.17 a day. We spend more than that on Starbucks, McDonalds, or whatever brand’s coffee you enjoy.

Think about that. Skipping Starbucks for 8-9 days a month will literally rescue an orphan from property and give them HOPE.

You can literally be someone’s hero for just $35 a month.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, visit Expect Hope today and sign up to sponsor. Still have questions? Comment below and I’ll do my best to get them.

Somethings you just don’t have to pray for.

Jesus said when you care for the least of these, you cared for Him.

Will you?




As Christians, there isn’t a thing anyone can do to mess up the plan of God. Because of that, we are UNTOUCHABLE until God calls us home. We have no reason to fear accidents, bombs, terrorists, diseases, attacks, and ultimately death. If God has a purpose to accomplish through us, and that work is not yet done, we are untouchable.

God WILL accomplish His purpose through us, no matter what happens. There is nothing we can do to mess that up. There is nothing anyone else can do to us to mess that up either. Nothing in Hell or on Earth has the ability to one-up the Lord, the Creator of everything that has ever existed.

Matt Chandler once put it this way in a sermon: “Nobody dies early…I am untouchable until it’s time“.

Because we are untouchable:

  1. We know that this life is temporary and that our true citizenship is in Heaven. Our lives are not about amassing wealth or creating as safe a living space as possible. Our hope is not in how much a dollar is worth or how powerful we are. Untouchable Christians know that their purpose on Earth goes beyond themselves. Our purpose is to bring glory to God, which sometimes means entering spaces completely devoid of Him in order to shine His light into the darkness.
  2. We don’t have to fear death. As Matt Chandler said, nobody dies early. This doesn’t mean you should test God by jumping off of a cliff to see if He saves you (though, there are many powerful testimonies of people who genuinely wanted to end their lives and God didn’t allow it). This means that death is not something we need to fear. As Paul said, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21). If we live, then we live for Christ. If we were to die, it would be gain to be with our Creator. Untouchable Christians believe this and know, because they are living sacrifices for Christ, death only comes once God allows it to be so.
  3. We can look at “less than desirable” circumstances and see them as instruments of mercy and grace. For some, death isn’t what strikes fear in their heart; it’s being alive. We live in a depraved world, surrounded by the consequences of sin. Everyone is broken in one way or another. Some are more broken than others. Some have gone through traumatic events in their lives, events that replay over and over in their minds. For those who have considered taking their own life, I am not minimizing what you have been through. I’ve been there where you may find yourself today. I understand fully what it feels like to dread waking up tomorrow. What I am saying is this: God can use the darkest moments in your life and turn them into your greatest ministry. Untouchable Christians know that God allows things into our lives for reasons we may never know, but ultimately, we can be confident that He will not only be our comfort for those dark moments, but He will use those things to help us minister to others in similar situations.

Hear me out here: Your Lord, Jesus Christ, calms the winds and the waves. He heals the sick. He gives sight to the blind. He drives out demons by speaking to them.  He brings the dead to life, both physically and spiritually.

He spoke every single atom into existence. He wired your brain to be able to interpret letters into language. He gives your lungs permission to breathe their next breath. He controls the thermostat on Earth, making it the PERFECT temperature (one degree off and we would perish). He is the ring leader that controls the “circle of life” around you. The plants turn light into food because He made it so. They create the oxygen that is vital to you because tells them to.

Listen to me: 

Grace & Peace

My True Husband Is Jesus

One of the things I love most about Christ are His sweet reminders of His love.

Recently, on a night that was quite rough, that had me feeling down, depressed, and praying for any kind of direction or answers, He lead me to a text I hadn’t read in a while. At first, I didn’t quite understand why I was lead there, but after some thought, it made perfect sense.

The text I was lead to was Hosea 2.

Now, if you actually read Hosea 2, it doesn’t start off as a love letter. In the ESV, the first section is titled “Israel’s Unfaithfulness Punished”. If you’re looking for an “encouraging word” from the Lord, this would not be at the forefront of “passages to recommend”. It serves as a reminder of the Holiness and justness of God and is far from “encouraging” in nature. In it, God details how He will punish Israel for being unfaithful to Him.

However, there is a plot twist. 

Despite their adultery and unfaithfulness, the Lord shows mercy to Israel.

Hosea 2:14 reads “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.” If we skip down to verse 16, we see an important shift in the way God decides to deal with Israel. “And in that day, declares the Lord, you will call me ‘My Husband,’ and no longer will you call me ‘My Baal.’ 

For those who don’t know, the word Baal’s meaning (plainly put) is “owner”, but it can also mean god or lord. In it, essentially, God is saying that He will be MORE than just our Lord…He will be our HUSBAND.

In the HCSB, verses 19-20 read as follows:

“I will take you to be My wife forever.
I will take you to be My wife in righteousness,
justice, love, and compassion.
I will take you to be My wife in faithfulness,
and you will know Yahweh.”

Can I quickly just let you know that people will disappoint you? Whether it be your parents, your children, your spouse, your friends, or your family, every human being on this planet that ever was and ever will be is flawed and will, at some point, end up disappointing you. I can speak from experience, as I have a bad tendency to expect human beings to love me in a way only God is capable of loving.

Can I be honest with you? My husband messes up sometimes. Hard to believe, right? My husband is just as flawed as I am. I don’t always respond with grace. I don’t always show mercy. I’m notalways the nicest person to be around. My earthly husband isn’t perfect, so I can’t expect him to be. When I read those verses in Hosea yesterday, it was as if God was saying to me “I am your TRUE Husband. Yes, your husband loves you, as do other people in this world, but I am the only One who can TRULY love you with Agape love…so stop expecting it from people that are incapable of being ME.

The Bible often talks about how the Church is Christ’s Bride. When He died on the cross and, in essence, purchased us, he didn’t just become an owner, as the name “Baal” would convey. He became our ISHI, our Husband. It was an act of love for His bride.

It is why, in Ephesians 5:25, we see Paul command husbands to love their wives “as Christ loved the church”.

“Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (emphasis mine)

Nobody can be God for you. Only YAHWEH is God.

Trying to put someone in that spot only leads to heartbreak and pain (trust me, I know).

Can you have a wonderful marriage and live (mostly) happily ever after? Yes. God blesses some of His children that way, but He never guarantees it.  Can you have an amazing relationship with your parents, your children, your family, or your friends? Of course, but once again, He never once promises everything will be perfect for you.

Can people love you sacrificially? Sure, but it will never match up to the love that Christ has for His church.

It took me years to finally understand that. There is only One that takes that special place in my heart. While I have many in there (like my husband, my parents, my daughter, and more), there is only One who sits on the throne.

My True Husband is Jesus.